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Why live in a Pebble Dash House? Exterior Rendering and Pebble On Walls


Why live in a Pebble Dash House?  Exterior Rendering and Pebble On Walls


Pebble On Walls is certainly a charming sight to behold.  Pebble Dash Houses command instant attention and affection, as they stand out from those surrounding dwellings with a unique blend of sophistication and grace.


But the beautiful contemporary mosaic effect provided by applying Pebble on Walls, is actually an added aesthetic bonus to another very sensible structural amendment – Exterior Rendering.  Back before the times of solidly built concrete and cement homes, Exterior Rendering was a widespread practice.  Exterior Rendering involves applying a pre-mixed layer of sand and cement to brick, cement, wood, stone or mud brick.  Exterior Rendering therefore weatherproofs old brickwork, preventing leaks and dampness.  Exterior Rendering can also add an extra layer of protection and weather resistance to non-concrete built homes, such as timber-frame houses.


But regardless of the age or material of your home, applying an Exterior Rendering still makes very sound sense.  The value of your home will increase, and maintenance costs will fall rapidly.  But why stop there?  Turn this sensible decision into something beautiful!  A Pebble Dash House comes with all the benefits of Exterior Rendering, but by applying an extra layer of Pebble On the Walls, the job is finished with great decorative style.  And don’t ever worry about trends moving and a Pebble Dash House getting stale.  There are two reasons why a Pebble Dash House will stand the test of time – 1. Pebble on Walls is a classic design which will be around for centuries to come; and 2., should you change your mind, the Pebble on the Walls, in addition to the Exterior Rendering, can be easily removed.


So why not live in a Pebble Dash House!  Call us today and we will provide a free quotation for applying both Exterior Rendering and Pebble on the Walls.

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