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Blend of Black Basalt and white Dolomite, this chip give a traditional white and black speckled finish.
pebble dashing dry dashing


More information on the Sunflower stones coming soon

Skye Marble

This fine marble from the Isle of Skye is popular choice for rendering projects. It gives a beautiful white finish with a hint grey/black.

Rounded Brown Pea

A traditional, naturally rounded, brown pea gravel. Predominantly light brown in colour this chip displays as pleasing array of colours from creams to dark browns. Pebble dashing , Dry dashing stones

Red Granite

This granite from Aberdeenshire is extremely hardwearing. A real mixture of colours that give and overall red tone this stone when used for dry-dashing projects gives a strikingly bold finish.

Nordic Champagne

A blend of Nordic and Amber this dry dashing spar gives a bright finish with a pleasing speckled contrast of toffee colours and creams.

nordic-champagne Nordic Champagnenoridc-champagne-house Nordic Champagne


A traditional and often used chip, this white marble has some subtle grey undertones which give a bright slightly off white appearance.

harled-house-nordic Nordic

Huntington Beige

A blend of White marble and Scottish buff, this blend has a higher proportion of the beige stone, giving a slightly warmer, consistent appearance.

huntington-beige-1 Huntington Beige

Grey Granite

This granite from Aberdeenshire is extremely hardwearing. A real mixture of colours that give and overall grey tone this product sparkles in the sunlight.


Pebble dashing dry dashing stones dublin


A bright white dolomite stone from Spain. This product gives a stunning clean white finish that sparkles.
Pebble dashing
Dry dashing

dolomite Dolomite


A buff coloured quartz from the north of Scotland, this stone works equally well in a blend as it does on its own. Giving a warm blend of colours and smooth consistent finish.


A blend of dolowhite and amber this dry dashing spar is one of the most popular finishes in the UK.

Canterbury Spar

This popular multi coloured calcined flint is a striking blend of distinctive colours.

Caledonian Harvest

More information on Caledonian Harvest stone coming soon.

Brightstone Cream

A stunning blend of white marble and Scottish Buff, this contrasting mixture brings forward the warm colours from the coral whilst still giving a very bright finish.

brightstone-house Brightstone Cream

Black Basalt

Black 6mm Basalt used mostly for mixing into other blends.


More information on Barleycorn coming soon

Ashton Cream

An even blend of white stone and beige marble, these two popular products complement each other perfectly giving a beautifully stylish finish.


A good stong white color with a very slight creamy undertone. This chip is very angular which gives a lovely textured finish.

arctic Arctic


More information on Arcane stone coming soon


A pleasing blend of toffe colours and creams this dry dashing spar is a very popular finish and is also used in many blends.

amber Amber